Turn Your Weekends into Thrilling Experiences

Trekking is a very thrilling activity. It not just tests your gusto for traveling but acquaint you with new sites and spots as well. Where people go all the way to different cities and corners of the country to relish trekking experiences, there are many destinations around your cities which you need to explore.

Just because you live in a very busy and jam-packed city, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the adventurous destinations around your city. You are so engaged in your day today life, office projects, deadlines and family responsibilities that you hardly think about the extensive sites around your city. It is time that you pay some attention to your surroundings and explore the world for your enjoyment. Talking specifically about Bangalore, it might look like a very packed, busy city but it too has some extremely fascinating destinations around it. One such spot is kunti betta trek!

What is kunti betta?

Kunti Betta are two rock-strewn hills enclosed by paddy, sugarcane fields and a huge number of coconut trees in Pandavapurawhich is situated at a distance of one hundred twentyfive kilometres away from Bangalore. This spot possesses a historical significance as it is believed that Kunti, the mother of the five Pandavas, spent a considerable time here during their exile. There is a temple with a tiny pond at the slopes of the hill. A lot of pilgrims visit this spot in a large number. During the times of monsoons the place gets green with a lake known as Kunti Kund. The entire area is extremely serine and is full of splendid sites.

How About Going with a Group of Professionals for this trekking expedition?

Yes, if you think that it would be little tedious to find out all the ways, make arrangement and then carry out the trekking, then you can look for some amazing groups or organizations which organize special trekking trips. What can be more happening then having people around you who are as curious and as excited to trek as you are? And icing on the cake is that the organizers will be with you, taking care of all your needs and requirements.

So, here you go! Just check out a thrilling night trek Kunti Betta taking place on Saturday the 3rd June 2017 to Sunday the 4th June 2017. This trekking trip is going to be organized by Quest Adventures. The beauty of such organised trips is that you need not to worry about anything. All you have to do is, have fun, relish the surroundings and enjoy the twisty-zig-zag trekking. Whether you are alone, with a friend or a gang of colleagues, you can get yourself register for such exciting organized trekking tours. After all, why shouldn’t you have some fun?


Thus, this splendid kunti betta is just one of the many exciting and thrilling trek around Bangalore. For your cherished expeditions and adventurous outings, these spots are perfect. There is no need to take long leaves from your office nor have you to go all the way to another corner of the country, just pack your bags, carry your camera and turn your weekend into a traveling experience. For more affordable traveling bags, you can check in any online stores such as Luggage Online.

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