Tips for First-Time Travelers in Train

India is a large country where travelling conveniently happens only with the railways. The Indian Railways is one of the fastest methods of commuting right after the airways. The trains have been connecting the entire country since the British Era even though the trains at that time were not as modern as the ones now. The most comfortable coaches were reserved for the officers while the natives travelled in crowded compartments. There were hardly places to sit even.

Improved services on trains

Since that time the railways have improved hugely and now there are more trains than ever. Almost every part of the country is now connected properly. The compartments are prim and proper and there are clean toilets. It is even possible to order food in train for the convenience of the commuters. However, if you are travelling on the trains for the first time then resorting to certain dos and don’ts is a good idea.

What to do and not do on trains

Train rides are really long journeys which can get a bit boring after a while. Therefore, it is a good idea to resort to some ideas to make the journey as interesting as possible.

  • Enjoy the beauty outside. Trains travel through parts which are not seen by city people. Therefore, enhance your knowledge about the rural side of India. The changing landside is a good way of understanding the color schemes and enjoys the fresh air outside.
  • Read a good book. In the busy schedule you hardly get time to read a book and increase your knowledge.
  • If you love to talk and meet people there will be no dearth of people with whom you can connect. Therefore, continue chatting with people. Indians love to talk and get acquainted with others very easily.
  • If you have any particular preference of food and drink you can always explain the same to the food vendors. They will happily oblige if it is available with them.
  • Go to bed early. As there is not much to do in trains the lights are turned off pretty early around 9.30pm.
  • Music lovers can bring headphones and spend time listening to music. Many people also snore loudly so the headphones can actually block unpleasant sound.
  • Toilets are usually shared by both men and women. There are also two types of toilets. Opting for the Indian style is the best because it is extremely hygienic and clean.
  • The mornings are the busiest time and vacant bathrooms are hard to come by during this time. So just organize your time.
  • While packing do not forget to carry a handwash or anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Your luggage should be secured properly while you are sleeping. Theft is often acommon problem in trains in spite of the tight security that is provided on the trains now. You will always find a lot of security guards patrolling the train from one end to the other.

Now, that you know what to do and not do on the Indian Railways enjoy a safe journey.

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