Steps By Steps Guidance Of Threading A Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are necessary or important means of creating or bringing creativity into everyone’s life. The sewing machine is an electromechanical or mechanical machine used to join fabrics and other materials together with the help of thread. With the help of sewing machine, we can create a wide variety of plain or patterned designs. Sewing machines are the very useful machine for stitching clothes, rolling tote, and other fabric.

A sewing machine is an excellent tool to help you sew almost anything you can think of. In order to make sure that you keep your machine in a good condition then you must take care of your machine and use it according to guidance. There are some basic steps of threading a sewing machine:


Step 1 – How to thread a bobbin

Thread a bobbin I the first step of using a sewing machine for this take you thread and keep it or place it onto the spool pin and hold it in place using the spool disk the put you thread around the bobbin thread guide now grasp your bobbin and put the thread to the little hole on the bobbin, coming from the inside of the bobbin. After that place your bobbin on to around the bobbin spindle and cover your bobbin with thread. Ensures you keep a hold of the end of the thread. Push the bobbin spindle over the right to activate the bobbin mechanism.

Step 2 – How to thread a sewing machine

In the second step remove the thread from the bobbin thread guide and place it behind the thread guide at the top of your machine. You should now take it down and under the next thread guide, which will loop it under the check spring holder. Then take your thread down to the thread guidance that should be just above your needle bar and make sure the thread is held in place behind the thread guide. Now you will require threading the needle.

Step 3 – How to properly insert the bobbin thread on a top loading bobbin

In the third step remove the hook cover plate then grasp your bobbin and make sure that your thread is running in ad counter clockwise direction. When you hold your bobbin up in front of you it should look like ‘p’ letter. Place you bobbin into the machine and while holding one finger of the bobbin to save it from spinning, place the thread through the first thread furrow or groove and running in between the tension spring blades.

After that turn your hand wheel towards you then you will see the top thread go over bobbin and pick up thread. If you have an up/ down needle button, use that, as it’s easier and quicker. Now gently pull the top thread and it should bring the bobbin thread up through the machine. Ensures both threads are under the foot and placed towards the back of the machine.

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