How Lazada Is Giving Tough Competition To Amazon Singapore

Lazada has been one of the prime online retail shopping destination for Singaporeans. The platform is giving serious competition to world’s biggest online shopping site-Amazon. With Alibaba being the parenting guide, Lazada has on an acquisition spree and got many online service providers onboard, just to beat competitors, one of them being Amazon. So how else is Lazada giving tough competition to Jeff Bezos’ Amazon in Singapore, here are the details-

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1) Funding- Lazada is happily secured when it comes to funding as it is backed by Alibaba. With this, the company is focusing on making difference at a regional level rather than taking pressure on making profits. Lazada is beating other competition as well and not just Amazon with this.

2) Offering Chinese Product in Singapore- Lazada Singapore Office is bringing retailers from China, thanks to Alibaba. One of such is Taobao, which is being claimed as one of the biggest achievements of Lazada to bring the retailer in Singapore’s eco-system.

3) Multiple Payment gateways- Lazada is also Hello Pay with Ant Financial. This is the same Chinese fin-tech firm that operates Alipay, the dominant mobile wallet in China. Very recently, Ant Financial and HelloPay announced their merger, which will rebrand HelloPay’s identity in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia as Alipay.

4) Leveraging Alibaba’s Reputation- Lazada Singapore Head Office is also taking full benefit of Alibaba’s chemistry with global brands. This is the reason why Lazada have managed to rope in all major brands in such short time. In short, Alibaba has been a savior for Lazada which is being used as a medium to Amazon at least in Singapore.

Apart from this, Lazada has also partnered with Uber, Redmart, Netflix etc to offer special rebate and exclusive deals that can be leveraged only through Lazada platform. While Amazon is soon going to launch its 2-hr delivery in Singapore with Amazon Prime, Lazada is gearing up to beat the most fierce competitor

What makes Lazada different from Amazon business model is the fact that the former is B2C and therefore focus more on customer experience and have strict filters when it comes to sellers listed on the site. While Amazon is more like open marketplace and little preference is given to quality checks. Though Lazada sells unbranded materials as well which have huge demand in Singapore but nothing can skip their strict quality parameters of their website. You can yourself feel the difference when you will contact Lazada Customer Service Contact Number

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