Best Five Dry Dog Food Brands for 2018

If you are a dog owner, getting the right food for your dog is absolutely very important. The best dog food brand should be well-balanced and dry although choosing from a variety of options available can be a challenge. Knowing what other dog owners have to say about different foods can be very helpful and Orijen dog food reviews reveal a high level of professionalism that helps make very well-balanced foods among other brands in the market. Below is a list of 5 dry dog food brands for 2018: –

Zignature dog food

The dry dog food brand from the Pets Global, Inc is highly rated by many buyers. The company has a list of dog foods designed for both puppies and mature dogs. The food contains a good punch of proteins sources which are used in the formulas including duck, turkey, whitefish, chicken and venison among others. The use of natural protein sources makes Zignature dog food one of the best for different types of dogs not to mention that they are available in both canned and kibble food thus allowing you to use them according to the requirements.

Orijen dog food

This dog food contains turkey and chicken as the first ingredients. It is also highly rated thanks to the use of other ingredients such as whole eggs, flounder, mackerel, turkey liver and chicken liver among others. Naturally, the dog food is rich in quality protein, complex B vitamins and minerals in balanced quantities which guarantee an above-average dry dog food option.

Acana Heritage Dog Food

There are 3 varieties of dry dog food from Acana Heritage. The proteins, carbohydrates and fat are combined in perfectly proportional measures. The main ingredient in this food is beef whose moisture is lost when cooked. The dry dog food contains other ingredients such as quality pork, beef meal which is more of meat concentrate, lentils and peas. The ingredients are rich in natural fiber and carbohydrates needed to aid in digestion and keep your dog healthy.

Crave Dog Food

Chicken in the main ingredient in Crave dog food and this provides a good measure of quality proteins for your best friend. Other ingredients include pea protein, chicken meal and garbanzo beans or chickpeas which are rich in nutritious fiber. Crave dry dog food also contains chicken fat which is concentrated with an omega-3 fatty acid known as linoleic acid which is very important for life. You can also expect high-protein meat concentrate from salmon meal and lamb meal.

Dry Nutro Max

This dog food contains a higher concentration of carbohydrates than fat and proteins. Chicken meal is the main ingredient and this provides more protein source compared to fresh chicken. Other ingredients contain brewers rice, sorghum, alfalfa meal and chicken fat. Nutro Max dry dog foods have had very minimal recalls for over the years thus making one of the best dog foods for many people.

These are the best five dry food brands to consider in 2018. When buying dry food for your dog, always look at the ingredients and consider user reviews as this could help you find the right combination for your dog.

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