A Few of the Quirky Airports of India

Airports are a main part of the infrastructure of a country, and these do support the economy by enabling international commerce, boosting tourism, and producing employment.  In case you take a minute to look beyond modernity and size, you might discover some of the Indian airports that stand out for their own distinct charms.

Being a passenger, you always think about things like Mumbai Delhi flights schedule, the timings, and seats available; but what about the other things? Have you ever thought about the quirkiness of airports in the country? Indeed, there are some airports that would leave your jaws dropped for sure. Have a look at some of them right below:

Lengpui Airport, Mizoram

Situated thirty two kilometres from Azawi, the capital of Mizoram, it is a table top airport;it means that the 2,500-meter-long runway lieson top of a plateau, having either end hanging over deep valleys. It is something that creates an optical illusion that needs additional precision when landing. There are just two other such airports in the entire country namely Mangalore and Kozhikode.

Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh

At a height of 3,256 meters above the sea level, it is the eighteenth highest commercial airport in the entire world. Latelyoperated by the Indian Air Force, the airport is named after the statesman and monk, nineteenth Kushok Bakula Rinpoche. The Airports Authority of India took over it as of February 2016, with a perspective to stretch the airport for civilian reasons. It has to be kept in mind though that the flights can only operate during the morning because of the presence of robust mountain winds in the afternoons.

Jubbarhatti Airport

It is a tiny airport that is situated 22 kilometres from the famous tourist destination of Shimla. It has only enough space to hold two tiny aircraft at a time. Thisairport was revived in the November of 2015 after lying unused for over three long years because of safety issues caused by soil erosion that had contracted the runway.

Agatti Airport

It is a 4,000-foot stretch of runway and it is the only runway in the union territory of Lakshadweep, a bunch of islands off the southwestern coast of country. Ensconced by Indian Ocean, this tiny airport can manage a maximum of fifty passengers at a time. Thisis serviced solely by Air India that operates flights from Kochi and Bengaluru only.Isn’t that really interesting and quirky?

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

This airport is India’s first airport to encompass a museum following the likes of France’s Toulouse Airport, and even EspaceMusees. However, Jaye He Museum far exceeds all other types of airport museums in scale and spirit, what with around seven thousand artefacts, a three-kilometre-long art wall, and works by more than one thousand five hundred eminent artists and conventional craftsmen. The museum displays both invaluable historic pieces as well as fresh works. Situated in the bustling international Terminal 2, Jaye He is debatably the most visited museum in the entire world.

So, how was this quirky taste?  Wasn’t it so amazing?  These were some of the various airports that have all the quirkiness that you might be expecting.

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