5 Useful Tips for Cleaning Your Porcelain Flooring


Porcelain tiles are amazing as they have a hard-wearing, durable finish. The flooring is normally stronger, denser and can absorb less moisture something that makes it easier to clean and maintain. In fact, if you have the best Shark vacuum or some of the best brands available in the market, you will realize that cleaning this kind of floor is very easy. There are some tips you should know and follow when cleaning your porcelain flooring including the following: –

  1. Vacuum or sweep the dirt and dust first

When cleaning your porcelain floor, the first step should be to eliminate dirt and dust that is likely to have accumulated. In most cases, dust and dirt might not be obviously visible but you will need to get rid of it using a vacuum cleaner or simply sweeping it away. Some of the best shark vacuum cleaners are known to be very efficient in this and choosing the right one will come in handy for you. if you choose to sweep, use a dry mop instead of a broom to protect the tile surface.

  1. Don’t use chemical cleaners that contain acids or bleach

Porcelain tiles are made using and using corrosive chemicals will only erode their surface and also cause them to absorb water more. Generally, porcelain tiles are water-resistant but this can be affected by the use of chemicals containing bleach, acid or ammonia. Using these chemicals will also wear down the grout thus allowing water to sip into the surface beneath your tiles something that could lead to dampness. Only use water and a mild detergent.

  1. Rinse well after washing

Whatever detergent you use, rinsing the tiles completely is always very important. Always ensure that the detergent has a low concentration and this should be allowed to rest on the surface for approximately 5 minutes.  If the rules are textured, always make the detergent concentration a little bit higher but always mop the surface using warm, clean water to get rid of the detergent residue while preventing against powdery marks or water marks.

  1. Remove the stains

Stain removal is a very important process when maintaining your porcelain flooring. Some stains can be stubborn and thus might require a different strategy to remove. The method you adopt should at least eliminate the stains without causing any damages to the grout or the tiles. Only use stain remover on the affected parts of the floor and not the entire surface.

  1. Use gentle chemical to remove stubborn stains

Some stains might defy the simple removal methods thus calling on you to use some gentle chemical. However, it is worth noting that such chemicals could affect the grout coloration of your tiles especially if used for long. Always follow the steps above and use the right chemical concentration when cleaning. Use protective gear such as gloves and eye protection when doing this.

With these simple steps and the best Shark vacuum, your work will be easy and faster. Always focus on cleaning your porcelain floor and maintaining them in the right shape as this will help prolong its life.

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